Calum Corby - The Photographer, Writer and Singer

I often work primarily within portraiture. However, I enjoy turning my hand to all genres of photography. I try to capture something that truly is a piece of my subjects personality. 

I began studying photography in the summer of 2007, the very first camera I used creatively opened my mind for a passion that I'll have for the rest of my life. Everything has relevance no matter how small or potentially insignificant to others.
Those I find most inspiring are Ansel Adams, Rankin, Richard Avedon, Yosuf Karsh, Tim Flach and Sebastio Salgado. To name but a few, there are many more who resonate with my particular ideals.

Amongst my interests are writing, Films and singing each have been a passion throughout my life. 

Calum can be seen as a friendly person, but most importantly is straight talking and usually directly to the point. Often mistaken as aggressive due to this, his forward thinking and straight to the point attitude should be seen as his way of being truthful to those around him, as well as showing his ability to push forward and get the job done. He treats others with respect when earned as he expects to be treated too.

My greatest  belief in life is that you have to start from somewhere to get anywhere. However bad you are at first.