How are you Today?

How is your day going? 

Today I spent the day working on Advertising and marketing things. I’m trying to figure out this stuff but it’s annoying because I’m never really sure how to approach people.

 I’m currently trying to make some T-shirt and Hoodie Designs. Which I’m hoping to use as my business uniform, I also would like to put them up as products people can buy. I haven’t got the artistic skill but I have creative ideas.

 I need to find someone who can help me fix my Website and Get the whole SEO and such working correctly. I want to work with someone who is local to me, who I can actually meet and speak to, so this isn’t an open invite to inundate me with messages.

I’m trying to figure out how to market myself and find new clients. So considering speaking to someone who does Marketing. Someone that can help me figure out how to consistently gain new clients. 

Photography is a hard career but it’s absolutely worth it one day I’ll be showing the world what I really can do. 

What about you?

Calum Corby, Photographer based in Norfolk

Since that day in 2007, when I was told that I may choose “One fun course, that you’ll drop at the end of the year” where I looked at the photography course and I spoke to David Greeve’s, the Photography teacher and my first mentor. He told me to create a portfolio. 

From there I picked up a Camera, a small hand held Sony Cybershot, for the very first time with the intent of taking creative images, with the thought of actually looking at the world in true detail and because of that I realised I’d finally found a way to communicate.

Those who do not know me, won’t ever realise that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. A disability that is for all intents and purposes invisible. Something I will always struggle with and severely impacts my ability to communicate. I was diagnosed in 2010 whilst at university. So, as you may imagine this was truly a turning point in my life. To finally show people how I view the world. 

Since then, I could not drop Photography, I knew its what I wanted to do with my life from that point onwards. I went through college learning and cultivating my love for photography. I applied for university and went through some of the hardest days I have ever experienced. Where I did everything I could to rise up and be valued amongst my peers. 

Attending Norwich University of the Arts, was the most amazing and difficult periods of my life so far. I learned the value of art and story telling. Realised who I am and what I truly value. Made friends that will forever inspire me. Found new mentors like Matt Cooke, that has bestowed me the honour of becoming my friend and continues to give me great clarity. 

You see, before photography, I felt like I had no voice. But what I realised since finding photography is that my voice, well it wanted to create. To tell the stories that have run rampant in my head for nearly thirty years. I will be turning Thirty on the 1st of April 2021. Finally stories in my mind are going to be told however I can make them be told. 

I found my voice 14 years ago and I’ve been shouting ever since. Screaming on through the world and never looking back beyond learning from the past. In 2019, I decided that life was too short to waste it, the potential I have and the abilities I’ve honed through the years.

Every step has brought me to the point where I can no longer deny myself what I have dreamed of, for so very long. Neither can I allow my voice to no longer be heard. 

So Hello World. I am Calum Corby and I am your photographer. I look forwards to the day our Stories can be told.